JavaScript Performance Optimization at the CFMeetup

Earlier today I presented a talk on JavaScript Performance Optimization to the Online ColdFusion Meetup, and wanted to post the slides and code:

Slides on SlideSix

Presentation code and PDF of slides

A big thank you to Charlie Arehart for his tireless efforts in hosting the Meetup, and especially to the attendees, particularly those hardy souls who stuck it out through some technical difficulties. Due to the audio problems and dropout, we are planning to rebroadcast this talk soon, but until then the recording of today's session can be found here:

2 responses to "JavaScript Performance Optimization at the CFMeetup"

  1. Bob Chesley Says:
    Hey Ezra - missed the meetup but just went through the slides - excellent. Thanks!
  2. Ezra Parker Says:
    Thanks, Bob, glad you enjoyed it.

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